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"Rockabye Bubbas MC" Vegan Leather Children's/Toddler's Biker Jacket

"Rockabye Bubbas MC" Vegan Leather Children's/Toddler's Biker Jacket

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Introducing our "Rockabye Bubbas MC" Vegan Leather Children's/Toddler's Biker Jacket – a hilarious and charming blend of whimsy and rebellion, perfect for your little one's adventurous spirit. Crafted with vegan leather and hand-painted with premium leather paint in bright yellow, pearl, red, and white, this jacket is a tongue-in-cheek masterpiece that'll make your child the coolest member of the toddler biker gang!

**Product Highlights:**

🦴 **Silly and Playful Design**: The back of this biker jacket showcases a cartoon skull adorned with bright yellow, pearl, red, and white details. It's a humorous and light-hearted nod to traditional biker gangs, reimagined for the pint-sized rebels.

🏍️ **"Rockabye Bubbas MC" Club Patch**: The hand-painted "Rockabye Bubbas MC" club patch adds a touch of cheeky authenticity to your toddler's biker look. It's all about fun and mischief!

🌈 **Vibrant Colour Palette**: The bright and vivid colours of this jacket are sure to catch the eye and bring joy to your child's wardrobe. It's designed to stand out and make everyone smile.

👦👧 **Perfect Fit**: Available in a range of sizes for  toddlers, you can find the ideal fit for your little rider. It's designed for comfort and style, allowing them to look effortlessly cool. However, as these are hand-painted - sizes are currently limited! nab them while you can!

🌟 **Vegan Leather**: Crafted from vegan leather, this jacket is both stylish and ethical. It's soft, comfortable, and easy to clean, ensuring your child can enjoy their adventures worry-free.

🌞 **Versatile Style**: This biker jacket can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions – from playdates and family outings to special events where your child wants to steal the show.

🎁 **Unique Gift Idea**: Looking for a memorable gift for a toddler with a sense of humour? Our "Rockabye Bubbas MC" biker jacket is the perfect choice, guaranteed to bring laughter and joy.

🌍 **Eco-Conscious**: We care about the planet, and our vegan leather reflects that commitment. Your child can sport their biker look while making an eco-friendly statement.

Let your little one's inner rebel shine with our "Rockabye Bubbas MC" Vegan Leather Children's/Toddler's Biker Jacket. It's a hilarious and charming piece that celebrates the joy of childhood and adds a touch of "fun in cheek" to their wardrobe. Order one today and let your child embark on imaginative adventures with style and humour!

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